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New Update!

08/14/2006 9:20 PM EST

Hello, and welcome to MST3000.ORG. Our site is about a television show called Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or MST3K for short). Here you will find information, some sound clips of the show, and a community of other "MSTies" (or when we're more successful we'll have a community). What can you do here? Well threre's plenty to do! Come and chat with other fans of MST3K every day! Just click on the chat link. Look at our tape trading board, and get those episodes you're missing from your collection. Check out the sound clips, and listen to some of the great clips of MST3K right on your own computer; even use them for sound events! Maybe even goto the bot building section, learn how to build your own bot and show it off to your friends (or not)

(begin new news)

Well folks here's the deal. As you can tell, I no longer own I needed money and I did nothing with the site. And I continue to do nothing with the site practically. So then it dawned on me just now: _I_ might not be able to do something with the site, but YOU can! Yes YOU! Not not him, YOU! What am I talking about? That new loveable word everybody's been throwing around that's usually very meaningless and pointless: WIKI!

I've been doing work on my websites and servers, and I think it's time that I do something with this and let it so that people can help do stuff with the site. SOOOO, I'm going to set this up in the hopefully near future as a Wiki or some other sort of Content Management System backend, so that YOU the visitor can contribute.

The idea will be that we'll have reviews of the episode, good quotes, a summary of the episode and links to the sounds on each page, and I can still get important things done while others help out. No offense, but I just don't have time for this site anymore

Also, you'll all be happy to know: The ad banners are gone. Bye bye. No more. Atleast for now. Yeah yeah the code's still kinda there commented out, but I doubt I'm bringing it back any time soon. The short of it is that I no longer have this site on a server I pay for. I was only trying to break even with this, and well, there's no need for that anymore, so no more ads

Except for the big one at the top. What's with that? That's who bought my old domain! That's what. I link to him, he links to me, and we're a happy family. Or something like that. So go buy episodes on DVD from him. He's a nice guy.

I'm hoping to bring back the forums as well and get this site alive again and all. It really needs a nice kickstart again

(end new news)

Don't forget about the MST3K links directory, message board, and tape trading area. I also have a newsletter I'm sending out once in a while about updates to the site. If you want to post to the message board or tape trading area, or simply want to get the newsletter, then just sign up at the message board.

-- Jouva